Opportunity Lives

When OpportunityLives first came to Javelin, they wanted to run something of an experiment. Could a conservative voice share positive news and views and have success? The answer: a resounding yes. When we first chatted, the folks at OL heard that Javelin had a unique advantage in the digital space. We’re capable of designing and developing a web presence around content. In the case of OL, we helped shape and write much of the content as they found their bearings and hired up their staff.

In just under a month, we had designed and developed a beautiful website, built custom aggregation features to keep things efficient, and created and maintained social media profiles. We went from nothing to a truly legitimate news outlet practically overnight.

Once the site and social media were up and running, we began to shape the content strategy. We identified aggregating and writing talent, found great stories, and put everything up to the empirical tests we love so much. When ideas failed (and they always do) we quickly pivoted away from them, and when the succeeded, we doubled down.

These days Opportunity Lives isn’t just a news aggregator. In under a year, Team OL has built a huge presence, found themselves regularly on national media outlets, and are well into the process of crafting their next big digital adventure: Opportunity Lives 2.0. The new site mixes research library, think tank, briefing book, and news outlet into one of the most robust political offerings we’ve ever seen online… oh, and we’re spearheading that too.