Agents of Change

We represent presidential contenders, diplomats, journalists, historians, scientists – and others with a unique and compelling story to share. A majority of our books have become national bestsellers.

The Javelin difference

Our model is different than the traditional literary agency. We don’t just sign a deal and collect checks. We act as editors, strategists, and publicists for our authors.

  • Editorial
    Editors and writers on staff to help craft stellar book proposals.
  • Publicity
    A dedicated team of publicists to reach bookbuyers via media.
  • Representation
    Aggressive negotiation and outsized advances.
  • Best Selling Books
    Leading to titles that become national conversations.

Submission guidelines

Javelin’s mission is to discover great storytellers and to help them tell stories worth remembering. Because we give each of our authors close attention, we are highly selective with the literary projects we accept. As a result, we regrettably have to decline to represent a large number of proposals that have potential, but don’t quite meet our criteria for success. In addition, we represent non-fiction authors only.

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Javelin is more than an agency that delivers major advances for their authors. They use an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach to publicity that fits today's media and web-driven market. Not only do these guys get results and push sales; they're fun to work with!

Arthur Herman, Pulitzer finalist historian

Javelin made my first book not only a success, but a New York Times bestseller. Without them, it wouldn't have happened. They really know what they're doing.

Katie Pavlich

You add as much value as any agents I've ever worked with.

Senior editor, St. Martin's Press

What impressed me was that Javelin was able to leverage technology in ways no one else does. There are few agents who know anything about selling books and promoting them in the 21st century. Keith and Matt do.

Donald Rumsfeld