Veterans Against the Deal

Veterans Against the Deal is comprised of American veterans from across our military, families of the fallen, and wounded warriors – all united in opposition to the Iran deal. Michael Pregent, executive director and expert on Middle East intelligence, continues to speak out against the consequences of the Iran deal on national TV shows and radio.


• Hundreds of radio interviews including “Talkers Heavy Hundred” shows like Sean Hannity, Phil Valentine, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Bennett and Lars Larson

• Secured regular spots for Executive Director Michael Pregent and member Sgt. Robert Bartlett on the Kelly File and Charles Payne

• TV interviews on CNN, TheBlaze, Fox News Channel, Fox Business and Al Jazeera

• Wrote, produced and promoted original VATD ads focused on negative candidate association with the Iran Deal

• Full ad segments on Fox and Friends, the Kelly File and Your World with Neal Cavuto and Special Report with Bret Baier

• C-SPAN coverage at Hudson Institute speaking events