Javelin has been willingness to engage us on every detail throughout the redesign process, from the minutiae of logo design to the intricacies of back-end design. I am simply blown away by the enthusiasm the Javelin team has shown for just doing the best possible job and finding cool new ways to do new things, regardless of the original statement of work. The entire process has made me come to regard Javelin as a partner rather than a vendor.

The team at Javelin was smart and tenacious. But the best part is that the Javelin folks are actually normal human beings and working with them was a pleasure. That may well make them unique.

Jonathan Last, The Weekly Standard

Our services

The Case for Heterodoxy

Using elements of the Javelin-designed brand as a visual metaphor, this video tells the story of The Heterodox Academy. We helped the organization make the case for embracing viewpoint diversity on America’s college campuses.

Concordia Live

From the President of Spain to Dr. Oz to Vice President Biden, Javelin planned, designed, and produced a 4-camera, 2-day Facebook Live Studio for the Concordia Summit in partnership with Facebook.

Story of a Good School

Too often organizations make a policy case with whitepapers and opeds. Here we make the case by telling a story: the story of one of America’s greatest high schools. Underfunded yet overachieving, the example of Herron High school is persuasive.


When the New York Times wanted a sizzle reel to promote their events and branded content, they came to one place to synthesize hundreds of hours of video into a sales product.