“The upstart D.C. agents making waves in New York”

Javelin in Washingtonian

Imagine a literary agency founded by writers for writers.

A literary agency that reinvents the book business for the 21st century.

A literary agency that provides the most tenacious representation in the industry, blending editorial support before the book is published with publicity support after the book is released.

Javelin is the ideal agency for authors because we are authors ourselves. We have firsthand knowledge of the publishing experience, and because of that, we’ve put together a team that will help you in ways no other literary agency can. Because of our keen commercial eye, we have out-negotiated veteran agents on book deals for our authors. We have a first-class writing and editorial staff who can craft book proposals that get the attention of the country’s top editors. We boast our own in-house publicity team that helps make sure the books our authors have poured their hearts and souls into find the largest possible audience. These elements are essential to making books into instant bestsellers.

  • Editorial
    Editors and writers on staff to help craft stellar book proposals.
  • Publicity
    A dedicated team of publicists to reach bookbuyers via media.
  • Representation
    Aggressive negotiation and outsized advances.
  • Best Selling Books
    Leading to titles that become national conversations.

Our authors

We represent presidential contenders, diplomats, journalists, historians, scientists – and others with a unique and compelling story to share.

Our books

A majority of our books have become national bestsellers.

  • Donald Rumsfeld | Threshold |
  • Mark Weinberg | Simon & Schuster |
  • James Comey | Flatiron |
  • Erick Erickson | Hachette |
  • Donna Brazile | Hachette |
  • Sheila Tate | Crown Forum |
  • Arthur Herman | Harper Collins |
  • David White | Skyhorse |
  • Sharyl Attkisson | Harper Collins |
  • Mike Lee | Sentinel |
  • Matt K. Lewis | Hachette |
  • John H. Sununu | Harper Collins |
  • Kirsten Powers | Regnery |
  • Michael McCaul | Crown Forum |
  • Zalmay Khalilzad | St. Martin's |
  • James Kirchick | Yale |
  • Ted Cruz | Broadside |
  • Victoria Coates | Encounter |
  • Ben Sasse | St. Martin's |
  • James Rosen | Crown Forum |
  • Michael Pillsbury | Henry Holt |

Submission guidelines

Javelin’s mission is to discover great storytellers and to help them tell stories worth remembering. Because we give each of our authors close attention, we are highly selective with the literary projects we accept. As a result, we regrettably have to decline to represent a large number of proposals that have potential, but don’t quite meet our criteria for success. In addition, we represent nonfiction authors only.

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