Reinventing the craft of storytelling.

Most PR firms get a bad rap — and it is a reputation they have worked hard to deserve. Overpriced monthly retainers, underperforming results, and a lack of accountability are indisputable marks of the industry.

We take a different approach with our PR clients. Instead of having them react to news, we help them create news. Instead of spending millions on marketing budgets for our clients, we discover creative ways to bring media coverage to them.

Javelin has been behind some of the most innovative, viral public relations campaigns of the past five years. Campaigns that have driven dozens of books up the New York Times bestsellers list, apps to the top of the download charts, videos to the attention of millions, and issue campaigns into the center of the national discussion, even reaching the lips of the President of the United States. Whatever your product or message is, there’s a story that can be told. We know how to tell it.

With a network including hundreds of journalists, pundits, bloggers, and major media figures, we have the tools to bring your message to the right audience. As a result, our clients have enjoyed access to the nation’s top publications, radio shows, and television shows, covering dozens of networks, every region of the country, and millions of viewers.

Every day our team meets to discuss each and every client and what we’ve done to further their message. We are never satisfied with past results. We take it personally when a pitch fails. We are always wondering if there’s more we can do. Each new morning brings us a new opportunity to find innovative ways to tell our client’s story. Going beyond the press release to the listicle. Exchanging a tired idea for a new perspective. Instead of chasing the news cycle, creating our own news.

We love telling stories through PR. And we hope to tell yours.